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OSA20 - 光谱分析仪

基于衍射光栅的测试仪,工作范围为1250 nm至1700 nm。提供快速、精确、高动态范围的扫描。融合了触摸屏与多点手势触控。

规格书 (PDF) 用户手册 (PDF)

所有产品 OSA20 - 光谱分析仪
所有产品 OSA20 - 光谱分析仪


  • 波长范围1250-1700 nm
  • 波长分辨率20 pm(原始),在50-2000 pm范围内可调
  • 扫描速度最高可达2000 nm/s
  • 波长精度±10 pm(在1500-1640 nm范围内), ±25 pm(在1250-1700 nm范围内)
  • 功率级精度±0.4 dB
  • 内置校准光源


  • 鉴定多模激光器光源,如法布里-珀罗激光二极管
  • 用再循环回路来进行远距离传输系统分析
  • 鉴定光纤放大器,如掺铒光纤放大器
  • 鉴定单模激光器,如分布式反馈布拉格激光二极管和外腔激光器
  • 鉴定宽带光源,如半导体、拉曼或光纤放大器,以及超发光或边缘发光型LED


The OSA20 is the only grating-based optical spectrum analyzer that combines state-of-the-art performance, ease of use, automation, top-shelf analysis tools and fast measurements. This makes it ideal not only for next-gen optical telecom network R&D but also for manufacturing of high-end products such as transceivers or ROADMs.


The OSA20’s monochromator is built around EXFO’s renowned filter technology. Its narrow bandwidth (20 pm) is maintained throughout the spectral range of operation (1250 – 1700 nm). The monochromator also stands out by its extremely sharp filter edges and low stray light, ideal for optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) measurement of tightly packed WDM channel testing. The OSA20 has a best-in-class wavelength repeatability of ±2 pm and accuracy of ±10 pm specified over 1500-1640 nm and comes with its own built-in wavelength calibration source.


The OSA20 is the fastest optical spectrum analyzer of its kind with a maximum sweep speed of 2000 nm/s and a fixed sampling resolution of 2 pm for all scans. This means every measurement is taken at the highest resolution and the highest accuracy. Sweep speed is determined solely by the choice of the sensitivity level: -55 dBm at 2000 nm/s down to -90 dBm by averaging over 380 scans with HIGH at 0.5 nm/s. With a sweep rate of about 3 scans per seconds covering the C+L band (at -60 dBm sensitivity), the OSA20 is the ideal tool for quick and precise optical alignment followed by high resolution characterization.

Easy to use

The OSA20 brings optical spectral testing into the 21st century with a 12-inch capacitive multitouch screen, an industry first and its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for fast navigation and scrolling through single setup menus. With pinch-to-zoom gesture and automated signal search algorithms, getting to the interesting data has never been easier! Keyboard, mouse or hard drive can also be used through the many USB interfaces.

And to make sure to get the best measurement, the OSA20 is also fitted with an optical connector plate that can be easily removed to inspect and clean the optical fiber connectors.

Efficient analysis features

The OSA20 comes with built-in application-oriented analysis adapted to different types of spectrum or acquisition techniques.

WDM: wavelength division multiplexing with OSNR tool compatible with 400G+ spectrum.

RLT: the recirculating loop transmission mode is a special version of WDM specially designed to be used in a long-distance transmission simulation with an optimized signal acquisition algorithm.

SML: singlemode laser characterization of side mode suppression ratio (SMSR), central wavelength and optical power for distributed feedback Bragg laser diodes, tunable lasers or transceivers.

OFA: optical fiber amplifier characterization of gain and noise figure for semiconductor, Raman or fiber optical amplifiers.

PCT: passive component tester characterization of optical filters, isolators or fibers. This mode can also be used for fast alignment of optical devices.

BBS: broadband source characterization of super luminescent or edge-emitting LED.

MML: multimode laser characterization of multiple longitudinal model lasers, such as Fabry-Perot laser diodes.

OSA: optical spectrum analyzer general operation mode containing most of the analysis tools available on the OSA20 for any signal that does not fit one of the above modes.

OSA20 - 光谱分析仪


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