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Support - Service assurance

Support - Service assurance
Support - Service assurance

active service assurance

Active service assurance and network performance monitoring. Actionable insight for service providers.

Nova Analytics - network & customer intelligence solutions

A multidimensional business intelligence application, Nova Analytics empowers you to make informed and effective decisions.

Service quality management - Nova Analytics

Empowers service operation centers (SOC) with a service quality management (SQM) application to help manage service quality proactively.

RAN to core network troubleshooting tool

Fully virtualized core-to-customer passive monitoring for hybrid 3G-4G-5G mobile networks

geolocated RAN analytics

Nova RAN provides user-defined dimensional geo-analytics and automated RAN optimization

integrated suite of applications

Nova RAN enables network planning, troubleshooting and optimization with geo-located subscriber data

optical test head

Compact OTDR-based remote test unit designed for fiber network monitoring and troubleshooting

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