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Ethernet/IP networks

With ever-increasing bandwidth demand and subscriber growth, network operators are turning to packet-based technologies. And EXFO is helping many of them deploy and maintain a large number of cell sites with limited technical resources, time and budget—without sacrificing network performance or jeopardizing quality of service.


Backhaul network performance assessment

As the backhaul network infrastructure evolves and network operators shift their focus from managing network performance to managing service performance, they need a comprehensive and scalable testing and monitoring solution to gain real-time, end-to-end insight into service performance metrics.

Simple ping testing is no longer adequate, since operators must now go beyond network performance assessment and constantly validate and measure key performance indicators (KPI) on a per-service basis.

EXFO’s 24/7 service assurance solution

Comprised of platform-based physical/protocol test modules and EXFO Worx, EXFO’s 24/7 service assurance solution is both vendor- and network neutral. It enables network operators to remotely turn up, troubleshoot and validate new services across the entire network, without having to incur additional costs due to unnecessary truck rolls and resource allocations.

Operators can therefore address— in a way that is more cost-effective than ever—the challenge of deploying next-generation infrastructures while maintaining existing legacy infrastructures.

Furthermore, EXFO’s comprehensive test and monitoring solution seamlessly integrates into the operator’s OSS. This provides the required performance and flexibility to remotely conduct both automated testing and live service monitoring of the entire network to collect KPIs and continuously measure service quality from the IP/MPLS core all the way through to the base transceiver station.

Less testing, less maintenance, more customer satisfaction

With its simple, yet accurate reporting capabilities, EXFO’s centralized test and monitoring solution enables operators not only to enhance and optimize network performance, but also to proactively recognize potential service disruptions and fix them before they affect business operations. The result: less network testing, less maintenance expenses, and more customer satisfaction.

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