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Why automation is now a MUST in the industry

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Louis Forget

Product Line Manager

Louis Forget, ing. currently holds the position of Product Line Manager with EXFO, focusing on next generation optical network for manufacturing, design, and research market.
Writing industrial software for more than 25 years, Louis Forget specializes in automation of measurement instruments in manufacturing and field environments.
Mr. Forget holds a university degree in electrical engineering and he is a member of l’Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec since 1996.

Designers and manufacturers have no choice but to implement efficient and lean automation at all levels of operation if they are to speed up design and fabrication, improve yield and unleash the full potential of analytics. They must make the best use of existing automation technologies and plan according to best practices and upcoming capabilities in the test and measurement industry. 

This webinar uses real-world examples to showcase how optical test platforms—such as EXFO’s LTB-12 or CTP10—leverage automation and high performance to deliver accurate and reliable results.   

Key takeaways: 

  • Highly flexible software architecture 
  • Easy integration of third-party tools (e.g., OptiInstrument) 
  • Automation examples using scripting and modern coding languages 

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