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How-to videos

Learn from the experts! Check out our collection of how-to videos.

Getting started with the PPM-350D testing with PON Networks

How-to clean optical lenses on the FIP-500

How to perform a capture inspection using the FIP-500

How to view inspection results on the FIP-500 touchscreen

How to generate a report from the FIP-500

How to update software on an FIP-500

How to use SmarTip mode on an FIP-500

Mirror EXFO’S OX1 Optical Explorer screen on a smart device

Using the zoom feature on the MAX-5205 IOCC

Viewing results in table mode on the MAX-5205 IOCC

Generating reports on the MAX-5205 IOCC

Modifying pass-fail thresholds on the MAX-5205 IOCC

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