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How to buy

Inquire about solutions. Purchase products. Manage orders. All the tools you’ll need are right here.

Request a quote

Have you identified which EXFO product meets your requirements? Take the next step, get a quote, it’s fast and easy.

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Contact customer service

Need the status of an order or make an RMA request? Our customer service team can help.

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Contact the nearest sales representative

Reach out to your local EXFO sales representatives and discover the solutions that best tackle your network challenges.

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Sales terms and conditions

Are you ready to purchase an EXFO solution or product? Read about our sales terms and conditions.

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Learn about refurbished products

EXFO’s refurbished instruments are reliable and fully qualified, and at a price that fits within your budget.

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Learn about leasing and financing

Discover our regional partners’ rental, leasing and financing options.

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